Monday, December 10, 2012

Sound Sketch

The second floor of the Gatewood Studio Arts Building is, overall designed with poor acoustic quality for an educational space.  Most of the space is open with hard materials which do not absorb the sound reverberation, making the space loud and causing noise to echo throughout the entire space.  The second floor is open to the first floor lobby space allowing for noise from the busy lobby area to echo throughout the second floor.  The two spaces that are most acoustically sound are the lounge space and classroom 204.  This is due to the use of softer materials throughout the space that provide high sound absorption.  There are also acoustical panels hidden in the coffered ceiling however, the panels do not continue throughout all the coffered ceilings so they reduce very minimal sound throughout the space.
Today, acoustical panels are made of a variety of materials, textures, and colors.  For example, the fabric acoustical panels located as the pin-up board on the 3rd floor of Gatewood and also located in classroom 204 on the 2nd floor.  For the second floor of Gatewood building more pin-up fabric panels throughout the entire space would help reduce sound reverberation.  Also, acoustical panels continuing throughout all the ceiling coffers would absorb noise echoing through the open lobby space.  Maybe even some textured acoustical panels would be beneficial throughout the space while at the same time providing nice aesthetics because, we all are design students in this building and love nice aesthetics.  Below I have provided some links to some acoustical panels provided by some well-known manufacturers.

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