Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Powers of Ten

The weeks theme during drafting class was the powers of ten.  This focused on how things look or how we observe things to the 10th power. For this special themed week we all took 2 squares 1'' x 1'', of a picture and trasnfered what we saw on a 10'' x 10'' square.  When all the squares were complete they would peice together to equal a 100 x 100 picture.  This project helped us to understand scale and also techniques in using different leads to shade and the right gradation of shading.

This is what our final product looked like

This image is from the movie The Powers of 10

Monday, November 15, 2010

my scale figures

I find drawing people quite difficult but this excercise helped me to focus on learning to sketch people and to practice techniques.  Although I need a lot more practice I feel this excercise was successful.

 This sketch was at 3/4'' : 1' scale. It was a regular contour just drawing the outline of the person sitting indian style on the floor.
This sketch was at 1 1/2'' : 1' scale.  In this sketch I added a little more detail than the previous. 


Self-portraits are so complicated! It took a couple of bad sketches and many studio laughs as I shared them with my classmates for me to finally begin to develop techniques of drawing myself.  I still find it difficult to completely replicate myself but I guess that is why self-portriats are some complex and complicated.

This was my most successful sketch.  The techniques I focused on in this sketch was shadowing.  I focused on the outline of my face and shadows cast without focusing on definite lines

This is my cartoon masquerade me! Although this drawing does not look like me I still feel like I did a good job with transitioning my lines and shading to represent my face.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Exploring Classmates Observational Sketches

Kristy Stroud
I really liked Kristy's usage of shading and detail.  I have trouble drawing shadows and making them look like the actual shadows of the objects but through observing Kristy's techniques I can use her sketch to improve on my shading.


I find it hard to show detail of 2x4's and wood but here Kendra has represented detail well.  Her usage of shading is also very helpful to look at when adding detail to drawings.

More Sketches!

All three of these sketches where representing sunlight through water and sunlight of objects. 

In drawing this image I focused on light and shadows off the object

For this image I places a full bottled water under a table lamp and focuced on the way the light hit the water.

This image was drawn during an inclass assignment.  I placed the coffee pot infront of my window and drew the light through the water in the coffee pot.