Friday, October 28, 2011

IOB: Presenting to Richard and David

Last Friday we hosted the president and vice president of IOB at the Gatewood studio to see our progress on the IOB project.  We presented our project as we had several times before starting with our inital process and moving into how we developed our design and how we plan in incoopertaing it into the lobby spaces of the IOB.  Richard and David were were in awe.  There idea for the space was more traditional then what we had but they loved our design and how we used it as a wayfinder and also as way to explain the history of IOB. The input they had was to add more texture because they said they really liked the texture studies and wanted to reach out and touch them.  Overall they really liked our design and we feel confident to begin out next processes in our design!

Look at those happy faces!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lighting! Blog Post 004

Last Friday Scott Richardson came to speak with us about lighting and give us tips on how to improve the lighting within our designed IOB space.  One thing concerning lighting with our project is that every eye, even the different types of blindnesses experience lighting different.  Older eyes let less light in and one way he talked about making it a happy medium with younger eyes and older eyes in by reducing glare thoughout the space. His best suggestion for this was to decrease the difference between inside and outside light by making then flow together so it is easier for the eye to adjust. When dealing with the different types of blindness and how they experience light he suggested doing studies such as coverning up certian blind spots and walking through spaces with different lighting experience.  I thought that this would be really helpful for us.  He really liked how our design challanged the eye and thought that through the use of light we could enhance that in our project.  He suggested playing with different lighted planes in out textures and also maybe luminating behind some of the triangles. We discussed how floresent is already in the space and he senced our misconceptions about the harsh feeling floresents give most people.  He informed us that there are different types of floresent and that we should play around with less harsh types.  I think that Scott was very informative and the IOB group plans to meet again with him once we are more developed in our lighting stage of the project.

Monday, October 24, 2011

History 222: Thomas Day Exhibit: My contribution/Ideas on Signage

My contribution will be toward the proposal group for our project.  I hope to gather information from the graphics and artifacts group and help to organize it into a solid exhibit of Thomas Day's furniture.  We will be splitting up the pieces of his collection into major sections complemented with a timeline throughout the space that ties in each piece.  For our exhibit we are using both photographic representation and physical representation so I think that it would be very informative and useful to in cooperate our signage with photographic pieces of Thomas Day's furniture.  I think that banner type signage is always helpful and also that the timeline throughout the space would be good to use as a type of way finder throughout our exhibit.
Side Chair Mahogany Veneer by Thomas Day