Thursday, October 4, 2012

Light Sketch 2: Museum, Retail, Resturant

 Museum Space- Lighting within this space was track lighting and spot lighting.  This type of lighting is used within this space to draw people to exhibits and displays.  The track lighting light up a defined path in which people are to walk and view.  The spot lighting helps to draw attention to the exhibits and really visually enhance your experience when viewing.

Retail Space- The lighting used within this space are fluorescent lighting on the ceiling tiles and also track lighting throughout the space.  Also, daylight floods into the space.  The track lighting helps to put emphasis on items and displays.  The fluorescent lighting helps to brighten up the space while the windows on the front of the store allow for warm daylight to flood in.

Restaurant Space- This restaurant has large open windows where tables are seated with track lighting above.  This restaurant is located downtown Greensboro so the large windows during the day creates an environment and connect the customer with downtown.  Also, at night the track lighting gives a more intimate feel.  The lights are positioned to bounce of the walls and give the tables a dimmer setting. The night and day experience within this space is very different.

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